Ten rules of conduct




Personal Conduct

1) We must observe the laws of Mauritius in everything we do.

2) Our dealings with all who have contact with us must be straight, fair, honest, courteous and efficient. We, as the people of the company, must not ask for any gift or favour from anyone if that gift or favour has an influence on the way that person does his job, and vice versa.

3) We generate, receive and store much information that is valuable to outsiders. We must not disclose such information without permission. We each have a responsibility to ensure that such information under our control or to which we have access is properly safeguarded.

4) We must not allow our personal interest to conflict with our official duties in the company.  Any conflict of interest should be disclosed to and approved by the Managing Director.

5) The company’s property and products belong only to the company. The company services and facilities are not to be used for any private purposes except with prior permission from the Managing Director.

6) We must each always be aware that our conduct when we are off duty can reflect on the company’s reputation. Our social life is usually not entirely separate from our working life.

Relations with suppliers / contractors / customers

7) Our procurement of suppliers and services is done to the highest ethical standards that assure a quality end product and the continued confidence of customers, suppliers and the public. We believe in fair and open competition.

8) We aim to provide our customers with products that meet high standards of safety, quality and reliability.

Employment practices

9) The occupational health, safety and welfare of its employees are a prime concern of the company. Hence our "Home Without Harm, Everyone, Everyday".

10) The company aims to achieve equality of opportunity and treatment for all its employees in recruitment, training, promotion, transfer, benefits and discipline.